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"Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life."


Difficult circumstances can be hard to deal with and self-doubt can cloud our judgement of who we really are. If you are feeling unhappy or anxious because of current events, or you wish to understand how to gain more satisfaction in life, you will find my Six-Week Life Coaching Course to be very helpful and productive.

Who this course is designed for​

People who wish to live a better and more balanced life

People who struggle with relationships and self-esteem

All those who wish to feel happier and gain more satisfaction in life

What the benefits are

The main objective of the course is to help you to enhance your lifestyle and achieve emotional balance. Your relationships with others will improve, your self-esteem will be higher, and your productivity will increase.

Online coaching service that suits your own schedule!



£ 40 Hour

Cost of the course per one-hour session.

Whole Course

£ 200 Course

Cost of the complete six-week course. First session free.

After completion of the basic course you may continue with personalised sessions, tailored to your specific needs.

About Me

My name is Mattia Tinfena, and I was born in Italy, in the beautiful region of Tuscany. Happiness is an art over there, and whatever you see around you inspires a feeling of wellbeing. Despite that, I have personally seen how economic difficulties, bad decisions, and challenging circumstances can have an impact on our emotional stability, no matter where we live.
Seven years ago I moved to the UK where I have engaged in charity work, thereby gaining good experience in listening to people, and in helping them to give of their best and to see improvements in their lives. My continual efforts have helped me to develop an empathetic ear and a true, deep interest in motivating others.
My Life Coaching qualification has added great structure to what I have already experienced in life. I look forward to knowing you, your story, and what you can accomplish.


Diploma in Life Coaching Level 5

Varied experience in coaching and training

"Mattia is easy to speak to, and is a very good listener. He really is bringing out the best in me."
"Mattia is non-judgemental and shows great empathy. I felt that he genuinely understood my situation."

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